The Purest Way
to a Perfect Smile

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression.
With Aqua Aligner you can smile with confidence and
close that deal, land that job, or win that heart


How it Works

  • Aqua Aligner treatment uses transparent thin plastic sheets to
    gradually correct your teeth into the perfect position
  • Each Aqua Aligner treatment is completely custom designed for you
    the patient

  • The Aligners are manufactured using the latest 3D printing
    technology and designed using advanced modelling software

Aqua Aligner Awesomeness

Steps to Success

In just 5 simple steps your smile will be transformed


Not all dental cases can be corrected with the Aqua Aligner. More severe cases are best treated with traditional bracket and wire braces.  But, simple to moderate cases where there is too much space between teeth, or where teeth are not aligned properly, or where teeth are too  protruded, can all be successfully treated with Aqua Aligner.

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