The Purest Way
to a Perfect Smile

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression.
With Aqua Aligner you can smile with confidence and
close that deal, land that job, or win that heart


Aqua Aligner Practitioners
treat the following patients:

  • Orthodontic mild to moderate cases including spacing, crowding, and rotation
  • Pre-veneer preparation as part of the ABB concept
  • Minor adjustments as part of whitening or similar aesthetic treatment

Not all dental cases can be corrected with the Aqua Aligner. More severe cases are best treated with traditional bracket and wire braces.
But, simple to moderate cases where there is too much space between teeth, or where teeth are not aligned properly, or where teeth are too
protruded, can all be successfully treated with Aqua Aligner.

Aqua Aligner Advantages

Our team of orthodontists, orthodontic technicians, and bio-medical engineers are obsessed with technology and innovation
This is what we do differently to achieve great results

The Aqua Aligner was created to solve many of the challenges faced by dental professionals in the Middle East

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Move fast to capitalise on the patients initial interest and motivation


Our Patient Experience Pack contains all the information needed for the patient to choose to proceed with treatment

Tailored patient report written in simple
layman terminology outlining the treatment
plan and answering any queries

3D printed models of their teeth today
and 3D printed models of the patients teeth
after the treatment. This allows the patient to appreciate the full benefit of treatment

Test aligners for the patient to trial and appreciate the transparency and comfort

All contained in our super cool Aqua Aligner box


We deliver and invoice in batches of 5 aligners
allowing you to stagger payments to us

You can also choose to offer staggered
payments to your customers to make the
treatment more affordable


Everyone loves a freebie right!

Each Aqua Aligner treatment comes with
Chewies to help the seating of the aligners, a
removal tool, and a storage box.


Do you get frustrated when it takes 2 to 3
weeks to receive your aligners because they are manufactured in Europe?

Because we are located in Dubai we can ship in
just 1 or 2 days


Start your journey now!

We have Aqua Aligner dental specialists in several countries
including UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India.

To be connected to one of our experts please fill in your details.

+971 48 855 759

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